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Deeply explore your authentic essence with a Soul Alignment Workshop

In the Soul Alignment Workshops Mind, Body, Breath, and Spirit are engaged to explore and open to the authentic essence of who You are. Workshops incorporate both didactic and experiential components, including meditation, hypnosis, yogic breathing, and powerful questions to take participants into an exploration of the different segments of themselves and their lives. Through these processes you will increase internal awareness, awaken passion within, maximize energy, expand and incorporate now possibilities, bring balance, and develop the skills to move forward with ease in the effective manifestation of your goals and dreams. You will not only discover your own personal pathway to passionately living from your essence, but also find clear steps and feel motivation to move forward on this pathway with ease and excitement. Soul Alignment Workshops include all the components of the Webinars, and are half and full-day Live events. The live arena, permits the opportunity to deepen the process of Soul Alignment even further. Workshops will utilize the benefit of extended time and the the presence of the group energy and consciousness to include kundalini yoga kriyas and meditations, as well as additional group processes to tap into the profound expansion available within of a community of other Souls seeking Alignment.