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Couples Therapy

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Deepen your relationship with your partner with holistic heart-centered Couples Therapy

Are you ready to deeply connect to your partner with honest and loving communication?

Couples therapy sessions utilize each partner’s inner wisdom and strength, to assist in moving you both through the relationship blocks that get in the way of loving connection. You will each be guided to recognize your own emotional and developmental patterns, and understand the ways in which coping mechanisms developed in the past may be impacting your current relationship issues. As these subconscious patterns are recognized, you will learn how to identify and express your needs within the relationship and how to deeply listen to each other with open compassion. You will release patterns that get you stuck within the relationship, and learn tools for clear, connected, honest and loving communication. As the skills for this communication develop, you will gather resources to navigate through blocks with greater ease and open deeper trust and intimacy with your partner.